Invitation to Impact, a book about the founding of Impact100 by Wendy H. Steele

Invitation to Impact

In Invitation to Impact: Lighting the Path to Community Transformation, philanthropist Wendy Steele tells the inspiring story of Impact100—from its birth as an idea jotted in a spiral notebook to its continued growth as an international organization dedicated to helping women transform the communities they live in.

A book about making an impact, the power of generosity, collective action, and so much more, Invitation to Impact details the design and growth of Impact100, as well as the mistakes and pitfalls Wendy overcame along the way. Through the experiences Wendy shares, Invitation to Impact is a book that makes clear the impact giving can make when we all accept the invitation.

Thank you for supporting the important work of Impact100. All proceeds from the purchase of Invitation to Impact are donated to Impact100 Global to support Impact100 chapters, members, and leaders around the world.

Praise for Wendy’s Book

See what readers are saying about Wendy’s book Invitation to Impact.


“Reading this book will introduce you to an amazing woman, Wendy Steele. Her heartfelt journey while developing a unique and overwhelmingly successful way for women to express their gratitude, while helping to solve their community’s issues, is a story not to be missed. Wendy’s shared experiences will help women all over the globe realize they can be a powerful force for change. This is a ‘must-read.”

Co-founder of the Women's Philanthropy Institute at the Lilly Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University


“Drawing on a deep understanding of how and why women give, Impact100 founder Wendy Steele shares the tools and actions we need to create meaningful change across our communities. Both inspiring and practical, Invitation to Impact is a must-have guide to transformative philanthropy rooted in empathy and service.”

Former Editor-in-Chief of Woman’s Day Magazine


“With an unparalleled depth of insight and clarity of voice, Wendy Steele is the voice of the generosity movement. Her speaking abilities, writing skills, and servant leadership touch a place in the hearts of generous givers on a global scale. She is a generous woman who has enriched many lives, including my own. Don’t miss her wisdom and insight!”

President & CEO The Community Foundation, Global Center for Generosity


“They say that innovation is born from necessity. Few understand this—live this—with stronger qualifications than Wendy Steele who shares invaluable lessons which led to her standing as a philanthropic groundbreaker. The reach of Wendy’s work has changed lives and her illuminating insights will empower more women to share in her success and give back with greater impact inside their local communities.”

Founder of Susan G. Komen and Promise Fund of Florida, Global Cancer Advocate


“Wendy’s life story is not just a powerful tale of resilience. It’s an inspiration to all who wonder “What can I do to make a difference?” Buy this book, read this book, and share this book. Then, together with your friends, marvel at all the ways you can affect transformative change.”

Entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author of SPARK, Leading from the Front, and Bet on You


“Wendy Steele is one of the bright lights attempting to tip this world away from negativity and division to a world that sees a viable path to optimism and positive change. Importantly, in Invitation to Impact she demonstrates how we can move connection and meaning from a longing to a lifelong practice. A positive and connected brain is the greatest advantage in the modern world, but it is something we do with one another instead of alone. This book provides a practical and clear path to light the way.”

New York Times bestselling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage

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