Invitation to Impact, a book about the founding of Impact100 by Wendy H. Steele

Invitation to Impact

In Invitation to Impact: Lighting the Path to Community Transformation, philanthropist Wendy Steele tells the inspiring story of Impact100—from its birth as an idea jotted in a spiral notebook to its continued growth as an international organization dedicated to helping women transform the communities they live in.

A book about making an impact, the power of generosity, collective action, and so much more, Invitation to Impact details the design and growth of Impact100, as well as the mistakes and pitfalls Wendy overcame along the way. Through the experiences Wendy shares, Invitation to Impact is a book that makes clear the impact giving can make when we all accept the invitation.

Thank you for supporting the important work of Impact100. All proceeds from the purchase of Invitation to Impact are donated to Impact100 Global to support Impact100 chapters, members, and leaders around the world.

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“This book, just like its author, will inspire and motivate you to get involved, give back, and make an impact. As Wendy continues to demonstrate through her leadership, effective philanthropy is so much more than donating dollars. When you educate yourself to the needs and opportunities in a community and the people and organizations making lives better, those stories will open your heart to do more. This is a powerful read that reminds us that our past can shape our future and compassion can make a difference. If, like me, you’re seeking a path to personal and community transformation, the stories and examples shared here can help light the way.”

Managing Director, Huron Group; Founding President, Impact100 Pensacola Bay Area

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