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Inspirational Keynote Speaker

A talented keynote speaker, Wendy H. Steele is inspirational, dynamic, relatable, and ready to connect with your audience to encourage action and build a culture of generosity.

Wendy’s Speaking Topics

Wendy shares her expertise and experiences through energetic talks covering several topics, including building a culture of generosity, bridging generational differences, and empowering you and your audience to greater action.

Building a Culture of Generosity

Creating a culture of generosity is an inexpensive solution that brings measurable results. Organizations that give and encourage generosity enjoy the benefits of a more empathetic and ethical staff, increased creativity and confidence, and higher reported job satisfaction.

In Building a Culture of Generosity, Wendy demonstrates the very real power of generosity, including tangible organizational and personal benefits. Then, she breaks down the process of building generosity practices into your life and work.

Bridging the Generational Divide

Including your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews in your giving doesn’t just help them to become more generous adults—it brings benefits today. Children who give back have higher levels of self-esteem and are more optimistic, less likely to be depressed, and less likely to have suicidal thoughts.

In Bridging the Generational Divide, Wendy provides relatable examples and lays out the framework for making authentic connections across age gaps and philosophical differences through a shared love of giving.

Empowering YOU

The Empowering YOU keynote address is Wendy at her inspirational best as a speaker, as she unpacks actionable ways to shift your mindset from worrying about the problems facing our communities to taking action to help solve them. 

This shift in mindset brings optimism and connection, feeds hope, and opens up new possibilities. You will feel empowered to make the world a better place and live the very best version of yourself—no matter the latest news.

Invitation to Impact

A deeply inspirational talk, Invitation to Impact is a keynote that taps into Wendy’s personal story as an unlikely founder of a global giving movement that began with some notes in a spiral notebook. 

You will learn the roadmap Wendy followed to bring Impact100 to life and receive clear, actionable guidance for bringing your big idea center stage. Always authentic, Wendy shares both her successes and the mistakes along the way, revealing the reality of her “overnight success.”


Speaking Testimonials

Learn why Wendy was ranked second only to Bono among the nation’s top philanthropy speakers.


“Wendy has an ineffable gift for making everyone in her audience feel as though she is speaking directly to them, whether a large crowd or intimate setting. She brings the ideal mix of professionalism, knowledge, passion, inspiration, humor and clarity of thought. Even better, she is uncommonly humble and relatable despite her great achievements. If you want a creative, warm, inspirational and generous speaker to motivate your group to do good in practical and attainable ways, whether in or out of their comfort zone, Wendy is your person.”

Morristown, NJ


“Our city had the pleasure of a visit from Wendy Steele. Wendy visited our city over several days and spoke to nonprofit agencies as well as over 600 Chamber of Commerce members at their monthly meeting. She is a captivating speaker, both passionate and inclusive. The best comment a speaker can have is that the audience was listening and engaged. When I overheard someone I didn’t know make the comment that people weren’t checking their phones, I knew you hit a four-run homer.”

Owensboro, KY


“Do you want to be inspired to make your community a better place and help those in need? Listen to Wendy tell her story about a beautifully simple idea to bring women together to pool their resources and make multiple $100,000 grants to innovative projects. Just over 20 years later, this idea has led to over $100 million in grants to non-profit organizations making transformational change. It is a message of hope and optimism that each and every one of us can truly make a difference.”

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


“Wendy is an engaging and passionate speaker who draws in her audience with compelling stories of her life’s journey. Through her storytelling, she shares lessons on resilience, triumph, gratitude, innovation, and the power each of us has to make an impactful difference in our communities.”

Pensacola, FL


“My name is Carol Bothwell and I have been involved with the Impact100 movement for 17 years. I had heard the name Wendy Steele for all of those years but never had the opportunity to hear her speak in person until about 6 years ago. To say she is one of the most dynamic speakers is an understatement. Upon hearing her at an Impact100 National event, our Impact100 Chapter in Owensboro, Kentucky asked her to come speak at our 15 year anniversary celebration. Wendy spoke on a Wednesday night to approximately 150 invited guests who were bowled over…but her engagements didn’t stop there. In Owensboro we have a monthly Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting which typically has 400+ attendees. When Wendy spoke to that event on Thursday morning the entire venue was enthralled. She has a quality of making everyone feel as though she is speaking directly to them and bringing them into the fold. Frankly, even though Impact100 is designed to be a women’s only organization, all of the audience was ready to join and the standing ovation she received was well-deserved and heartfelt. That meeting was 2 years ago and it is still known as one of the most engaging events ever. If inspiration is on your agenda I highly recommend Wendy to come speak to any audience, she will be very well-received by all.”

Owensboro, KY


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